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Orientation Week Incoming Students

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The Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization at the Universidad de Granada organises twice a year an Orientation Week for International Students one week prior of the beginning of the semester.

Next Orientation Week for the students beginning in the second semester 2017/2018 will take place: 25th and 26th January 2018 for the students of Faculties with open semester calendar and 12th and 14th February for the students of Faculties with closed semester calendar. 13th February will take place the official Welcome to the University of Granada to all international students. Please, check here whether your Faculty has an open or closed calendar.


IMPORTANT: If you have a new Id or passport, please send an e-mail to intlinfo@ugr.es with the scanned copy of the new one, so that we can update your data before your arrival.

There is one Orientation Week one week prior of the beginning of the academic year in September (for those students who will follow courses at the UGR for the whole academic year or for the first semester) and one week prior of the beginning of the semester in January / February (for those students who will be at the UGR for the second semester).

The aim is to welcome our incoming International students and give them essential information on registering at the International Relations Office, the international student card, enrolment on courses, the services provided by the UGR and the leisure activities we have planned for during each orientation week. Thanks to these orientation weeks, we can ensure that your stay at the UGR as an international student will be an unforgettable and problem-free experience.

Download the Students Orientation Week leaflet here: image

Government of Spain: compulsory administrative procedures for foreigners