Basic information about the insurance 2015/16

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Basic information about the insurance 2015/16

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IMPORTANT: Basic information about the insurance for the academic year 2015/2016

In order to guarantee the fulfilment of the obligations of the University of Granada Norms on International Student Mobility (articles 9.1.c and 25.2) and the rules of the different mobility programmes, University of Granada has underwritten a insurance policy with the insurance company EUROP ASSISTANCE (ONCAMPUS) and another one with the insurance company ARAG. This insurance policy will cover accidents, civil responsibility and travel assistance (including medical expenses). The health coverage of the insurance policy is a complement to other benefits the student can have. Therefore, the student should obtain his/her European Insurance Card as well.

Instructions for a claim

  • Basic instructions about the policy and the phone numbers can be found at the insurance certificate you get when you purchase the insurance policy.
  • Any incident should be communicate by calling to the company
    • EUROP ASSISTANCE (ONCAMPUS) : teléfono 902.197.734 (+34 915143767 in case from calling from abroad)
    • ARAG: teléfono 93 300 10 50 (+34 93 300 10 50 in case from calling from abroad)

The policy holder should indicate:

  1. Full name
  2. Policy Number
  3. Location at the moment of calling
  4. Phone Number
  5. A description of the problem
  • The students can check the policy number and all details at the insurance certificate they receive when they purchase the insurance policy.

Covers and guarantees

The policy ARAG has the following coverage and guarantees:

The policy EUROP ASSISTANCE (ONCAMPUS) has the following coverage and guarantees: 1. MEDICAL EXPENSES ABROAD, up to a limit of | € 100,000
2. DENTAL EXPENSES ABROAD, up to a limit of | € 150
3. EXPENDITURE FOR EXTENSION OF HOTEL STAY, due to sudden illness or accident, 10 days and up to | € 60/Day
6. RELOCATION OF COMPANION in the event of hospitalisation of the insured party for a period exceeding 5 days:
- Hotel expenses abroad of the relocated companion: max. 10 days. and up to € 60/Day
7. RETURN OF THE INSURED PARTY in the event of the death of a family member. To the burial place within the country of the usual place or residence of the Insured Party:
- Transmission of urgent messages (derived from the cover)
Loss, damage and theft of luggage up to | € 30/item Máximum € 300
- Indemnity for loss of classes due to accident, up to a maximum | € 1,200
- Indemnity for loss of registration, up to a maximum of | € 1,800
- Accident insurance: Up to | € 50,000
- Permanent Disability: Up to | € 50,000
- Medical assistance due to accident in Spain: Up to | € 6,000
- Family injury: Up to | € 2,000

Important: This insurance policy is not applicable to students coming within the Erasmus Mundus Programme.

How to purchase the insurance policy

Any international student of UGR, both incoming and outgoing, who enjoy a mobility stay abroad during the academic year 2015-2016 can purchase this policy by clicking at this

The price of the insurance is: 17 euros for all th stay period regardless the duration of the stay and the nationality of the student.

The insurance coverage will start and end in the dates stated by the student to the insurance company when purchasing the policy. The dates will always have to be according to the limits of the academic year 2015/16 (30 September 2016).

For further inquiries please contact

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