Online Application Procedure Erasmus Students IN

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Online Application Procedure Erasmus Students IN

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Who is an Erasmus Student?

An Erasmus student is a student who comes to the UGR to study with us during one semester or a whole academic year within a bilateral agreement between the faculty / school of his/her home university and the faculty / school of the University of Granada.

These kind of bilateral agreements are signed with universities in EU member states and affiliated countries.

In order to be an Erasmus at the UGR, the person in charge of the International Relations at the home university has to send a nomination of the students selected to take part in the Erasmus exchange programme to the Erasmus coordinator of the corresponding faculty / school at the UGR.

About the Spanish language knowledge

  • We highly recommend to have at least a B1 level of Spanish language to come as a student to UGR within the Exchange, Erasmus (Programme Countries) or Free Mobility Programmes and follow undergraduate studies. For Master students, it's compulsory to have a B1 level of Spanish language, but we recommend to have a B2. If you have a certificate proving your Spanish language level, don't forget to upload a pdf version at the online application you fill in to apply to come as a mobility student to UGR.

Information and Dates:

Erasmus incoming for next academic year

For first semester or full academic year:

  • 1st April to 15th May: Online application and study plan proposal.
  • From 9th July on: Sending of acceptance e-mails

For second semester:

  • From 1st to 31st October: Online application and study plan proposal
  • From 13th December on: Sending of acceptance e-mails

Note: The final approval of courses is subject to the availability of places at the courses once you register and enrol at the University of Granada at the beginning of the semester.

  • Should you have any question about the new application procedure, please contact:

IMPORTANT FOR MASTER'S DEGREE MOBILITY APPLICANTS: Please bear in mind that the courses listed on the online application portal are the only ones offered on the master’s degree to which you have applied. You must check the master’s degree website to ensure the teaching periods for each of the courses that you wish to enrol on correspond with your mobility period at the UGR. For queries related to courses on master’s degrees or issues regarding UGR doctoral programmes please contact the International School for Postgraduate Studies at


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