Groningen Journal of International Law - Submission of articles

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Groningen Journal of International Law - Submission of articles


The Groningen Journal of International Law is a new student-led electronic Journal that will publish its inaugural issue in March 2012, available for free on its website. Its editors are students of the LLB programme in International and European Law at the University of Groningen, supervised by an Advisory Board consisting of recognised university professors.

The Groningen Journal of International Law invites submissions from scholars and professionals engaged in this field. This also includes submissions from LLM/Ph.D./LLD students relating to their field of study. The theme for our first issue will be Responsibility to Protect (R2P), a highly important and fledgling issue of contemporary debate. We invite articles that do not necessarily provide a description of this norm in its current form, but how it otherwise could be modelled and chiseled into a rule of international law.

This kind of approach reflects the publishing ambitions of the Journal: rather than presenting a mere narrative of the law in its current form, we invite innovative thinking that effectively maps out a certain trajectory towards improvement.

In other words, we invite authors to explore the shortcomings and challenges of current thinking and how it could best be improved.

The theme for our first issue will be Responsibility to Protect (R2P). We would therefore invite you to submit an article on this emerging field of international law, asking you to direct particular attention on where the international community should go from here.

Suggestive (but by no means exhaustive) starting points might be:

  • How should Responsibility to Protect be understood in the future?
  • Should R2P be institutionalised? If so, how?
  • What is the relationship between R2P and the obligations that are derived from state sovereignty (i.e. the responsibility of a state to protect its citizens)?
  • How has Libya changed popular perception of the concept, and how could this have legal implications?
  • Are there any aspects of R2P that have been neglected and deserve particular mention?
  • Can a global consensus on R2P be achieved?

Manuscripts are to be submitted via email

The Groningen Journal of International Law will accept articles not exceeding 15 000 words including footnotes, excluding bibliography. Brevity is encouraged and shorter papers will be advantaged in acceptance decisions. Please include a word count with your submission, along with an abstract of approximately 250 words that is not an extract from the article itself.

Further details can be found in the attached Submission Guidelines, which we kindly ask all contributors to familiarise themselves with. Submissions are accepted now.

Any further inquiries are welcome via email to