The Compostela Group presents its first International Video Contest

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The Compostela Group presents its first International Video Contest


The Compostela Group invites all its members to participate in a new initiative involving students. The Group will be running a short video contest in which students should make a short recording promoting both their institution and the Compostela Group of Universities. The winner will be invited to the next General Assembly of the Group, which will take place on 20-21 September in Oulu (Finland). The video will be played during the event, and the winner will be awarded with a certificate presented by a relevant professional of the international media. Besides, the film will be disseminated through the different digital platforms of the CGU.

Before sending their candidates, the participating universities should run an internal contest. The winners of the internal contests will be nominated to participate in the CGU’s contest.

  • Characteristics of the video:
  • Topic: promotion of the institution where the participant is studying.
  • Technical requirements: the recording can be made using any kind of device (Cell phones, webcams, etc.) and can be edited afterwards.
  • Maximum length: 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Copyright: No music should be included (unless the participant plays his/her OWN music or it is Creative Commons') or images not belonging to the producer of the video.
  • Language: if the video is not in English it should include subtitles in correct English (lack of subtitles may be a reason for elimination).
  • In addition to the logo of the university, the logo of the Compostela Group should be present in the whole video. That can be done through a small reproduction of the logo in one of the corners of the screen or in a different way (eg. On the T-shirts of the people in the video).
  • If the video has several authors, they should name a representative.

Running this competition, the CGU’s aim is to encourage students to work with these two increasingly important, not always sufficiently promoted in study plans. In addition, working with digital technologies will help them to develop a more complete professional background.