Aqua Film Festival, interesting opportunity for your students. Deadline 4 March, 2019

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Aqua Film Festival, interesting opportunity for your students. Deadline 4 March, 2019


Aqua Film Festival, an important cinematographic event, currently at its 4th edition, that UNIMED is patronising in 2019.

Together with the "Associazione Universi Aqua" promoter of the Festival, UNIMED recognises the power and the beauty of different expression languages as the cinema and decided to take part in this initiative by inviting the students of your Universities to participate in the movie-making competition focused on the thematic Water, rivers, lakes and our sea to protect.

The opportunity to experiment movie-making is open to anyone, due to the possibility to submit short-movies, without a need to be professional movie-makers and just using light technologies.

To submit films in the section out of competition Aqua & Students, deadline is set on *March 4th, 2019*. All the information about the initiative and the participation in the competition are available in the flyer herewith attached and to the links here below:

  • Festival and Association website


  • Student competition


  • Rules and regulations


The Festival, which features different categories and competitions, is the first “water inspired” manifestation of its kind with the ambitious objective to sensitise people on the importance and scarcity of water, as well as on its contamination and need for care.

The patronage of UNIMED to this event, connected to the relevance of this delicate issue in the region where we operate, is a sign of commitment and a little contribution towards the broader sustainable development promotion in the Mediterranean that we pursue.