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In keeping with its internationalisation policy, the Universidad de Granada (UGR) actively promotes entering into agreements of inter-university cooperation with institutions throughout the world on a wide range of academic activities: undergraduate and postgraduate student mobility; teaching staff and researcher mobility; administration and maintenance staff mobility; joint study programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level; support for promoting the Spanish language abroad; support for developing linguistic skills within the UGR community; establishing lasting networks for collaboration in teaching and research; exchanging experiences and publications; etc.

The process begins with the signing of a draft agreement, after which precise actions are agreed for a determined period of time in a specific agreement. Draft and specific agreement models are available in several languages here.

Agreements signed by UGR

If you want to check the agreements signed by the University of Granada, you can consult them by using the UGR agreements search tool:

International Mobility Agreement Models

Erasmus +: Erasmus agreement model

In order to sign a bilateral agreement, it's necessary to contact straightly with your counterparts at the UGR specific academic centre. Please check this link to access the complete contact information for the UGR academic centres.,docencia%20(STA)%20de%20acuerdo%20con

Further information

For more information about the UGR, undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education qualifications available and the university's research activities, have a look at website of the University.

If your institution is interested in establishing collaborative agreements with the UGR, please contact the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization by using the contact form or by sending an e-mail to: --LOGIN--cdc24f3ea8e2f0bd5bae9a1e4e6fa644ugr[dot]es

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