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Online Application Procedure Free Mobility Students IN

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Who is a Free Mobility Student?

Free Mobility Student (previously called Free Mover and Visiting Student)

A Free Mobility Student is a student who wants to enrol at the UGR for an academic semester or year outside a specific student exchange agreement between the UGR and the student’s home University. It implies the payment of enrolment fees at the UGR.

IMPORTANT: According to the University of Granada Norms on International Student Mobility, you can be a UGR free-mobility student just once, for the period of one or two semesters during the same academic year, not being possible to enrol as a free-mobility student in the following years.

In pursuance of the UGR INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY REGULATIONS, students from partner institutions are not allowed to carry out an international mobility in the framework of the FREE MOBILITY programme. Exceptional cases duly justified could be expressly authorised by the Vice-Rectorate. Whether the partner institution is interested in sending a larger number of students than the number established in the common bilateral agreement, they may ask for express authorisation to the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization.

About the Spanish language knowledge

Accreditation of language competence for undergraduate students should always be consulted with the Faculty or School at the UGR, since it depends on the studies the student wishes to follow at the UGR.

For master students it is mandatory to present accreditation of language competence in the language of instruction of the Master Programme. The level of language competence must be consulted for each Master degree Programme (


To apply as Free Mobility Student you must already be enrolled at a foreign university. In order your online application as a Free Mobility Student will be taken into account you should UPLOAD the following documents:

  • Copy of passport or, in the case of EU students, copy of ID card.
  • Copy of academic records or list of subjects taken at home university, with corresponding grades.
  • Accreditation of language competence.

Deadline for online application for Free Mobility Students:

  • For first semester or full academic year: from 1st April to 10th May.
  • For second semester: from 1st to 31st October.

An information e-mail about the admission will be sent from June on in case of first semester or full year applications and from November on for those of second semester.

NOTE: Free mobility is restricted in School of Architecture (due to lack of places) and Faculty of Medicine for clinical traineeships.

Instructions (important to read before applying online)

Online Application



  • To apply as Free Mobility Student you must already be enrolled as a postgraduate student at your home university.
  • You must be authorised by your home university and by the academic coordinator of your Postgraduate studies to take part in Master studies at the UGR.
  • You must not have study previously at the UGR as a free mover student.
  • Accreditation of language competence in the language of instruction of the Master Programme.


  • Application period: The application period will be open over the course of the year.
  • Resolution period: One month after the reception of the application form.


1. PRE-ADMISSION APPLICATION TO THE MASTER COORDINATOR. Students should apply by e-mail a pre-admission letter to the Master Coordinator of the studies that he wish to follow partially at the UGR and specify the subjects that they are going to study at our university. Masters offer at the UGR .
Important: Pre-admission template to the Master Coordinator

2. APPLICATION OF THE AUTHORIZATION LETTER AT HOME UNIVERSITY. Students should apply for a letter of authorization of their stay at their home university that certifies:
a). That the student is enrolled in a programme of Studies that correspond to Postgraduate Studies at his/her home university b). That his/her home university authorises the stay as a free mover (Template)

3. APPLICATION OF THE ADMISSION TO ACHIEVE FREE MOBILITY STAYS IN POSTGRADUATE STUDIES. Students should fill in their application and attach the following documents:

  • Photocopy of their ID Card or Passport
  • Pre-admission letter of the Master Coordinator at the UGR ]] (It is obligatory to fulfil the template that will be soon available on our website and send it duly signed and stamped).
  • Photocopy of the proof of enrolment in Postgraduate Studies at their home university
  • Photocopy of the Certify of Authorisation from their home university Authorisation from home university

All the mentioned documents are obligatory to process the application form. Incomplete application forms will not be validated and therefore they will be rejected.

The International School for Postgraduate Studies (EIP) will check the documentation and will approve or reject the application according to the requirements of participation and the availability of vacancies in the requested Studies, and previously may ask for additional information in case it is needed. The applicant will receive a confirmation of the state of his/her application apart from other communications to the indicated e-mail address in reference to the application procedure carried out.

4. ACCREDITATION IN POSTGRADUTE STUDIES FOR FREE MOVER STUDENTS. The EIP will send to the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization a list with the admitted applicants to achieve their stay as Free Mover Students for Postgraduate Studies.

The International Relations Office (IRO) will submit and send the letter of acceptance duly signed to the applicant by the means indicated by him/her in the application form.

In case a visa or an entry permit is needed, the applicant should take into account the period to send the original acceptance letter and submit the visa application form on time.

5. ENROLMENT, REGISTER AND REGISTRATION IN COURSES. Once the student arrives at the University of Granada should REGISTER at the IRO.

For the registration the student should hand in a copy of the passport or ID Card, a copy of the acceptance letter sent by the UGR and a passport size photograph.

Our IRO will register the student as International student and will hand out the correspondent Card.

Once registered at the IRO the student should register at the EIP in the authorised subjects of the chosen Master.

IMPORTANT: Free mover Students pay the total of the public prices establised by the UGR.

Public Prices 2019/2020: they have not changed

Note: If you wish to follow Master Degree Seeking (Full Studies) at the UGR, please consult the International School for Postgraduate Studies website EIP . Hereby you will find the FAQs about Complete Master studies at the UGR