New benefits for International Students

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New benefits for International Students

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Buddy Programme (Programa Mentor) for International Students at the UGR

The main purpose of this programme is to assist international students in their integration into the Spanish life and to complete their academic duties successfully. International students can find support from the very beginning of their exchange period from one of the UGR students, who will give help them to find their way through before and during their stay in Granada.

The system’s main aim is to set up a network of local mentors for international students (buddies) on Erasmus exchange programmes with the UGR, giving them practical advice even before they arrive in Granada. Mentors will guide their buddies and give them the necessary support to help them quickly adapt to their study-abroad period.

This initiative aims to help international students to become culturally, academically and linguistically integrated with their new country and city of residence.

  • If you want to take part in the programme you just need to click on the option “Solicito el Programa Mentor . / I apply for the Buddy Programme.” when filling the online application.
  • If you couldn't apply for the Buddy/Mentor Programme through the online application, you can fill in this Application Form and send it scanned by e-mail to
  • After applying, what are the next steps?

By the end of July, the International Office will assign you a mentor from the UGR Faculty or School you will be studying at, wherever possible. The local mentor will be a student from that Faculty or School who has volunteered to act as such. Being assigned a mentor will depend on how many local volunteers have applied. If you’ve applied online for a mentor and have been assigned one, as a buddy you will be contacted via e-mail the week before the orientation week starts. If you don’t receive an e-mail, it’s best you contact us via

  • What is the role of local mentors?

- Before the buddy’s arrival, the mentor will have been in touch with him/her via e-mail.

- During the International Students’ Orientation Week (organised by the International Relations Office), mentors will attend the meetings indicated (both general and specific) along with their buddies.

- Giving help with administrative paperwork.

- Giving help with finding accommodation.

- During the buddies’ first month in Granada, each mentor will meet with his/her buddy for (at least) an hour each week to ensure that the buddy is coping with his/her integration into the daily life of the UGR and the city itself.

- After this first month, encounters between mentors and buddies will be reduced to (at least) two one-hour sessions per month.

- Mentors will organise at least one cultural activity per month with their buddies. These can consist of visiting monuments, going to concerts or theatre shows, walks round the city, excursions out to the surrounding area, etc.

Mentors can also take on extra activities on a voluntary basis, such as picking up their buddies at the airport, railway or bus station and taking them to their initial lodgings, etc.

  • What is my role as a buddy?

- Volunteer ideas for mutual activities with your mentor.

- Attend the back-up meetings the mentor asks you to.

- Take an active part in the evaluation of your mentor and help the UGR to improve this programme

- A month after your arrival in Granada, you’ll receive a link to an on-line survey, via which you should evaluate the activities done alongside your mentor during this time. You will need to fill it out and send it, following the instructions given online.

- Before returning home, you’ll receive a second online link, via which you have to evaluate your mentor and, also, answer a few questions designed to help us improve the programme.

- A vital aspect, before returning home, is to sign the activity report that your mentor has to present before his/her programme co-ordinators.