Erasmus+: International Credit Mobility Teaching Staff (Partner Countries).

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Erasmus+: International Credit Mobility Teaching Staff (Partner Countries).

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Erasmus+: International Credit Mobility Teaching Staff (third countries not associated to the programme).

This programme permits a mobility for foreign international teaching staff to come to Granada for 5 working days stay to teach 8 hours at the department of their academic profile provided there is an inter-institutional agreement between Granada and the partner country university (Partner Countries are non EU- contries, such as Thailand, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Tunisia, Philippines, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Myanmar, Armenia, Republic Of Moldova, Uzbekistan, China, India, Morocco…)

If you are interested in coming to the UGR under Erasmus+ Mobility with Partner Countries, you should start by contacting your home university’s international office. Home University selects and officially nominates the teaching staff members. This nomination is sent by the Home Institution to the email address:

After you are nominated, the steps to be followed are available here.

Downloadable documents:

3rd International Researcher Development Week (IRDW)


Four tracks:

  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • STEM
  • Health Sciences

Due to covid-19 pandemia, we will not include any coffee breaks nor meals to avoid any situation in which participants should remove the mask, therefore, we will finally charge no fee. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please, bear in mind that the vist to the Alhambra is not included in the programme. If you would like to visit the monument, we recommend to check the visitor’s guidelines for information on how to get a ticket:

Convocatoria ayudas adicionales movilidad Erasmus necesidades especiales

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