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Information for Partner universities

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Partner Universities

The Vice'Rectorate for Internationalization publish in this site updated news and contents for its partners, as well as the most relevant information for their interest.

Contact Details

  • Vice'Rectorate for Internationalization

University of Granada
Complejo Administrativo Triunfo
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18071 Granada (Spain)
Tel: +34 958 24 90 30
Fax: +34 958 24 30 09
E-mail address: --LOGIN--1faba1e23a2543b05cf7aaf3b70b05faugr[dot]es
Opening times: Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm.



University partners should nominate their selected students before 30th April (to those who will come first semester / full year).

  • Erasmus+ programme countries (KA103): The official nomination of students on this programme must be completed by contacting (by email) the international relations office of the faculty or school with which your institution has signed an agreement. Contact details:
  • Erasmus+ International Dimension (KA107): The official nomination of students on this programme must be completed by following the instructions provided by the University of Granada via the following email
  • Exchange programmes (non-Erasmus bilateral agreements): The official nomination of students, in the framework of these bilateral exchange agreements, must be completed by following the instructions provided by the University of Granada via the following emai
Online application periods Erasmus +: Erasmus (EU) Erasmus +: International Dimension Exchange (Bilateral Agreements non Erasmus) Free Mobility
First semester or full year From 1st April to 15th May From 1st April to 15th May From 1st April to 15th May Cancelled 2020/21
Second semester From 1st to 31st October From 1st to 31st October From 1st to 31st October Cancelled 2020/21

Academic Offer

Section for incoming students

Staff Training Week

Information Sheet for Partner Universities

The Vice'Rectorate for Internationalization has published its new Information Sheet for Partner Universities. Its content has a practical orientation related to the most important dates and activities for incoming students. Download it here!


What is e-Administration?
It is a set of online tools that enables citizens to interact with public administration by electronic means. Thus, users are able to obtain information, ask questions, present allegations or applications, manifest consent or intention, make payments or transactions and contest administrative resolutions and actions.
E-Administration allows administrative procedures to be carried out, guaranteeing the user’s identity without having to be present in person at the offices in charge of the corresponding processes. It also ensures the integrity of the documents presented.

What is a digital signature?
It is currently a very commonly-used form of identification. Also known as e-signature, it has the same validity as the written signature.

What advantages does it have over a written signature?
A hand-written signature can be falsified; a digital signature cannot.

What are the characteristics of an e-signature?
Authentication of the message’s origin:
This security aspect protects whoever is receiving the document, guaranteeing that said message has been generated by the party identified in the document as the issuer. Thus, an equivalence is established with the hand-written signature, both being equally valid.

Signature verification tool

You need only type in the numerical code that appears in the document. The system will let you know the signatory’s identity.

Integrity of the information:
This refers to the security system that proves that the data transmitted between users has not been modified during the sending process. The information sent is what finally reaches the receiver.

Non-denial of origin:
The person who sent the message cannot, later, deny that it was sent by him/her.

//Identity theft is impossible://
The fact that the signature has been created by the signatory through means entirely under his/her control (protected private key through, for example, a password, an electronic card, etc.) ensures, furthermore, the theft of identity by another individual.

Are there any security risks? Since it is based on advanced systems of encrypting, the data transmitted is protected, making it impossible for third parties to access it.

Coimbra Group

coimbra The Coimbra Group was founded in 1985 and formally constituted by Charter in 1987, the Coimbra Group is an association of long-established European multidisciplinary universities of high international standard. The Coimbra Group is committed to creating special academic and cultural ties in order to promote, for the benefit of its members, internationalisation, academic collaboration, excellence in learning and research, and service to society. It is also the purpose of the Group to influence European educational policy and to develop best practice through mutual exchange of experience.

Participation of the UGR:

  • founding member
  • chair of the Executive Committee
  • chair of the Eastern Neighbouring Countries Task Force
  • active presence in all the Task Forces
  • participation in projects and seminars organised by the Group
  • scholarship programme

The Vice-Rector's Office for International Relations has decided to create a special site for news and activities carried out by Coimbra Group University members. Please, access through the following link

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