Cursos de verano Marruecos

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Cursos de verano Marruecos

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  • Université Internationale de Rabat.

The UIR Summer school is a 4-week intensive program taking place from July 1st to July 26th. The program offers two main components:

1. Summer Arabic Program (SPA):

The Summer Arabic program aims to significantly increase student’ learning and fluency in MSA and enhance their ability to communicate with confidence. Classes in darija “Moroccan Spoken Arabic” are offered to help students with everyday interactions with locals on and off campus sites. Students will have opportunities to put their language skills to use through community services, workshop interactions, sports activities and class presentations.

The Summer Arabic program includes 45 contact hours (8 ECTS / 3 American credits) of MSA and 24 contact hours of darija (4 ECTS / 1.5 American credits).

2. MENA Area Studies:

The MENA Area Studies Program aims to introduce international students to the region through a cross-cultural study of its history, society, literature and politics. Students make their course selection from the following areas, earning up to 8 ECTS / 3 American Credits:

· Street Ethnographies: Narrating the City (4 ECTS),

· History of the Arab World (4 ECTS),

· Moorish Art and Islamic Architecture (4 ECTS),

· International Politics of the Mediterranean and the Maghreb (4 ECTS).

Students attending this program can earn up to 16 ECTS, equivalent to 6 American credits which are fully transferable.

Scholarships and discounts are available as per the following:

· 10%: Early bird registration

· 15%: Group Discount (minimum 5 students)

· 25% for Partner Universities

· 50% President’s Scholarship (based on Merit)

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