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Fundación Carolina

fundacion carolina La Fundación Carolina se constituye en octubre del año 2000 como una institución para la promoción de las relaciones culturales y la cooperación en materia educativa y científica entre España y los países de la Comunidad Iberoamericana de Naciones, así como con otros países con especiales vínculos históricos, culturales o geográficos. Para la consecución de sus fines la FC desarrolla cuatro programas:

  • Programa de Formación
  • Programa Internacional de Visitantes
  • Red Carolina
  • Vivir en España

A través de sus programas, la Fundación Carolina impulsa la internacionalización de las universidades y centros de estudio españoles al tiempo que contribuye a la construcción del espacio iberoamericano de conocimiento y al fortalecimiento institucional del continente americano. Además, desarrolla un ejercicio real de diplomacia pública, proyectando nuestro potencial cultural, científico y económico.

Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo

tres_culturas The Kingdom of Morocco, the Regional Andalusian Government, Peres Centre for Peace, the National Palestinian Authority and other people and institutions of Israel commited to dialogue and peace decided in 1999 to create the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation. It is a forum based on the principles of peace, dialogue and tolerance as a way to promote the coming together of the Mediterranean peoples and cultures. Cooperation throughout the Mediterranean is today more important than ever and for this reason the growing cooperation between Andalusia and Morocco forms one of the fundamental pillars of the foundation’s activities.

Another area of priority is evidently the Middle East since the outset; the foundation has become a privileged instrument of dialogue and contact, capable of summarising the worries of society as regards the present and the future of this conflictive area. Finally, the Europan Union is the third field in which the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation carries out its action. A privileged relationship with the EU and Third Mediterranean countries allows us to become an instrument through which to apply policies and implement projects in the field of Mediterranean cooperation.

Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation

anna_lindh The main objective of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue among Cultures is to promote and improve reciprocal knowledge, quality of cultural dialogue and respect for diversity in the Euro- Mediterranean region.

The Foundation, in response to one of the structural challenges of the cooperation Framework establishes in the 1st Euro-Mediterranean conference in Barcelona (1995) champions initiatives on a regional level and supports actions on a local level aimed at improving the understanding among peoples religions and beliefs, the protection of human rights, the promotion of democratic values and, in short coming together and cultural convergenc among Mediterranean countries.

Thus, the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation encourages cultural dialogue and exchanges, cooperation and human mobility particularly among young people and organises mobilities within the Framework of the Barcelona Process. The Foundation was set up as a network of networks and is based in Alexandria. It comprises 43 national networks which in turn are made up of organizations, centres, associations, university departments, NGO´s and institutions from the network member nations.

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