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Búsqueda de socios

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Búsqueda de socios

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Publicado el 5 de marzo de 2014.

  • Búsqueda de socios de la Klaipeda State College. In early summer 2011 Klaipeda State College did feasibility study that was carried out by Tourism Development Institute (www.tpi.lt). Study showed that wellness sector (which demonstrates tremendous potential in Europe) faces a huge lack of young highly prepared wellness managers. The same opinion is reflected in Global SPA & Wellness Summit 2012 “Spa Management Workforce & Education: Addressing Market Gaps”.

According to the inferences made in both studies, Klaipeda State College has prepared project “Joint study program Wellness service management creation and implementation”. Project partially was initiated by social partner – National SPA association (www.spalietuva.lt), who are representing all employers and their needs towards young professionals together with European SPA association ESPA and Urban Healing. The Programme is already prepared and accredited in Lithuania.

As our partner faced unexpected issues we are urgently searching for partner who would like to implement joint study programme (JSP) Wellness Service Management from autumn 2014.

We are offering:

  1. full study programme description, Subject descriptions and Methodological aid (everything prepared in English),
  2. programme that reflects international market demands,
  3. international experience for students and lecturers as well as for the institutions.

Your role as a partner would be:

  1. register the programme in your country,
  2. promote the programme (funding up to 10000 EUR),
  3. start the studies in autumn 2014,
  4. arrange mobility on the second year.

Contact details:
Jūratė Danielienė | Head of International Relations Department
Klaipeda State College | www.kvk.lt
Jaunystes str. 1,
LT-91274, Klaipeda
Tel.: +370 630 07720
Fax.: (8 46) 314 575
E-mail: j.danieliene@kvk.l

Publicado el 5 de marzo de 2014.