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  • Programa:Erasmus+
  • Acción: KA2 Capacity Building
  • Fechas: 15/11/19 14/11/22
  • Coordinación: Université Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne (Francia)
  • Socios: Universitat Wien (Austria), University of Kairouan (Túnez) , Fondation Maison des Sciences de L'homme (Francia), Universite de Tunis (Túnez), University of Sousse (Túnez), Universite de Tunis El Manar (Túnez), Universite Virtuelle de Tunis (Túnez), Unimed - Unione delle Universita del Mediterraneo (Italia), Universidad de Granada (España), Universite de La Manouba (Túnez), Sfax University (Túnez).
  • Descripción:

The Tunisian political and social setting after the 2011 revolution and the democratic transition highlights the necessary promotion of humanities and social sciences studies (HSS) to think the ongoing transformations and therefore to advance the debates in the Tunisian society. In this context, the enhancement of the curricula provided by doctoral schools in HSS tend to become an important issue.*

Raqmyat project will contribute to the promote an innovative way to deliver HSS doctoral education in Tunisia. This objective will be addressed by developing the use of digital tools for research and reinforcements of students soft skills in 7 participating Tunisian HEIs. By 2022, each doctoral school will adopt and implement its own digital development strategy.

During the project, 8 online courses will be created in order to introduce doctoral students to digital humanities and to the use of digital resources for research. Tunisian professors will receive specific trainings for the implementation of those courses and for the creation of new teaching modules. Raqmyat will also focus on the development of doctoral students soft skills for a better employability. Each Tunisian university will organize a “doctoriale” where students will apply their research skills in partnership with private partners in order to address concrete digital related economic and social issues. Two summer schools will be also organized to create an euro-tunisian community of doctoral students that will be at the origin of the RaqmyatSHS digital online platform.