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Procedure for presenting or joining a proposal for an international project

Members of the university community who are interested in requesting an inter-university international cooperation project or are interested in joining a project proposed by another institution should take the following points into consideration:

  • Carefully read and study the relevant call for proposals to check that it is possible for our University to take part and that the proposed actions are acceptable.
  • Contact this Vice-Rector's Office as soon as possible to ensure local parties are organised and administrative support for the proposals is in place.
  • If required, staff at this Vice-Rector's Office will assist the promoters of international projects by:
    • resolving any queries relating to the call for proposals, procedures, forms etc.
    • helping to find associates, support networks, contacts etc.
    • providing institutional information (a description of our University, experience in previous or similar projects, managerial capacity etc.)
    • advising on preparation of the budget
    • etc.
  • Prepare documentation required for the respective call for proposals and make it available to those responsible at this Vice-Rector's Office at least 15 days before the request needs to be sent.
  • Provide a detailed, comprehensive and realistic budget for the proposed actions, specifying, where appropriate, where the funds that will be used to justify joint funding1) from our University are coming from.
  • Staff at this Vice-Rector's Office will study the proposal, suggest changes (if necessary) and arrange the signing of the request by the University.

Important warning

  • A presentation of requests will not be authorised unless this Vice-Rector's Office has been consulted beforehand.
  • The only legal representative of the Universidad de Granada is its Rector. Therefore, only the Rector or the Vice-Rector who has been appointed to sign such documents are authorised to sign the request or the agreement to join a project.
  • The financial management of projects dealt with by this Vice-Rector's Office will always be carried out by the respective staff at the International Relations Office.

Final note

Staff at this Vice-Rector's Office are available to interested parties to resolve any queries and to assist in the processing of requests.

1) Please bear in mind that many international projects allow you to account for staff wages for this purpose.
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